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Building fit and fabulous bodies - no matter your current stage of life.

My metabolic mastery plan helps women over 35 restore their hormones and reclaim their energy so they can shed stubborn fat and show up for their loved ones with a simple protocol that optimises time and reduces stress.

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Everyday: Used routinely. Ordinary or commonplace
Santé: The French word for 'health'

Living in France during my 30's taught me a lot about the importance of behaviors and habits when it comes to food and exercise. Studying nutrition, caring for 3 children, managing a household, balancing my relationship along with "all the other things" meant little time to achieve my own health and fitness goals. Combining evidence-based methods, my education as a nutrition and fitness coach, alongside my experiences of French culture and santé (health), I was able to undergo my own wellness transformation. I now help others get the physique results they desire - without all the stress, complications and unnecessary cost.

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My Story

HPN1 Certified Nutrition Coach - Holistic Performance Nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer - International Sport Science Association

Nutritionist - International Sport Science Association

Strength and Conditioning Coach International Sport Science Association

Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Everyday Santé is for women who...

Are in their 30's, 40's and beyond who want fast results.
Are from all walks of life and levels of fitness. 
Don't wish to starve themselves and spend endless hours at the gym. 
Lead busy and full lives and are after real results for the long term.
Don't fancy spending hundreds of dollars on supplements.
Appreciate straight talk about what actually works - no  hype or gimmicks.
Want to feel in control of their body. 
Have tried multiple methods to 'get in shape' without long term success.
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Want to reduce their risk of disease and dysfunction.
"Everyday Santé is about being the best version of yourself – whatever your shape or size, your age, or how hectic your current lifestyle is."
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The Process


Book free call & complete application form.


Complimentary discovery call & assessment.


In-depth health history & program delivery of personalised nutrition, training and lifestyle plan.


Weekly check-ins and monthly follow up consultations.


24/7 accountability, 
support & messaging for sustainable & long-lasting results.

Health considerations in your 30's and beyond

Our bodies naturally undergo physical changes as we begin to enter midlife


Hormone changes are normal (and expected!) as we age. In particular, the likes of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, and cortisol start to change in our 30's, 40's and beyond. This can result in us experiencing increased anxiety, tiredness, having irregular and/or heavy periods, experiencing low sex drive, brain fog, unexplained weight gain or feeling just a bit blah. Lifestyle factors can help balance these to reduce symptoms often associated with these changes.


Maintaining muscle and bone density is one of the most important aspects of long-term health and longevity. From our 30’s onwards, levels of key muscle-building hormones, including growth hormone and testosterone, begin to decline and we may start losing muscle. Also, women's bone production peaks in our late 20's and by the time we hit 35, our body is breaking down bone faster than it can be replaced...but don't fret! Building muscle can help with: - a faster metabolism - better bone density  - balanced hormones - better body shape - easier movement - higher sex drive - improved cognition - less anxiety - and more!


Put simply, metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories. Whilst there is a long held belief that weight gain is inevitable from our 30's onwards due to a slowing metabolism that we can't control, recent studies suggest that our metabolism is actually pretty stable from the age of 20 - 60. Rather, busy lives, less time for ourselves, reduced activity, and more stress can mean our calorie burn slows, sometimes resulting in weight gain as we age. Incorporating a balanced nutrition and lifestyle plan that includes a well-designed resistance training program whilst consuming adequate amounts of protein and nutrients can contribute to a ‘healthy’ metabolism


Collagen is the material that makes our skin more elastic, but, as our body ages, it stops producing so much of it, and you may notice changes in your body as a result. You might start to notice: - wrinkles - reduced elasticity  - dullness - increased skin sensitivity  - dry, thinning hair Diet, sleep and exercise can help with the changes and have been shown to reduce the signs of ageing skin and hair.


Virtually all of the most common diseases are age-related. Decreased immune efficiency, slower repair processes and reduced production of key hormones are a few of the suspected reasons. Once you’re in your 30s, your risk of things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic pain can go up. Regular physical activity and positive lifestyle changes play a role in keeping us healthy and preventing illnesses so that we stay capable and strong for the long term!

"You have the right to look good and feel great! Don't ever think it's a downhill slope from here because I promise to prove you wrong"


My Metabolic Mastery Program is where clients are guaranteed results.

You'll receive one-to-one accountability and guidance alongside nutrition and fitness plans that are tailored to your needs.

All consultations are online.

A fitness and nutrition coach who helps women get in shape

The Metabolic Mastery Program
Lose 10 centimeters in 30 days

- Detailed consultation and program delivery.

- Followed by monthly one-to-one strategy sessions.

- Unlimited 'fix-it' in person coaching calls as needed.

- Step-by-step customized nutrition and lifestyle roadmap tailored to suit your specific goals.

- Exercise training plan programmed especially for you, no matter your level of fitness.

- Access to our partnered training app and scheduling system to manage your plan.

- Strategies to support hormonal fluctuations with specific nutrition, lifestyle and training adaptions.

-Unlimited support in-between sessions via text, email and voice messages.

- Weekly check-ins.

- Sample meal plans and recipes.

- Access to exclusive content including handouts, cheat guides and more.          

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