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The Fit and Fabulous Program

My metabolic mastery plan helps women over 35 restore their hormones and reclaim their energy so they can lose stubborn body fat, and show up for their families with a simple protocol that optimises time and reduces stress.

Thank you for scheduling your strategy call with me! I look forward to speaking with you during your scheduled booking time.


For this call I ask that you be in a quiet spot with no distractions where you will be comfortable to speak about your struggles and goals. Ideally this will take place on a laptop as I'll be sharing my computer screen with you.


If you feel we're a good fit and I can help you, please be ready to come on board and in a position to move forward meaning have your card information ready. 

We will answer any and all questions you may have on the call.

Drinking Water After Weight Training

What to do before our call

Before jumping on our call, please watch the videos on this page in order to give you an insight of what to expect on your coaching journey, 
Please also read the list of additional information at the bottom of this page.

Day in the life of a client

Frequently asked questions

Additional information...


What is the difference between an online coach and a personal trainer? ​A personal trainer is someone who you see 1-1, once or twice a week for 30-60 minutes at a time. Outside of these hours you have little to no contact with them. They have little involvement in any aspects outside of your weekly session (such as nutrition, sleep, stress, hydration, emotional needs etc). Benefits of an online coach over a PT: -Our diaries do not have to match. -24/7 accountability, this is much higher, because I am able to see every important aspect of your journey. - A Personal trainer is normally there to help you on the gym floor for 1-3 hours per week but they completely disregard everything else. Results happen in the other 163 hours.


Is there a contract? Yes, there is a minimum of 16 weeks commitment from you. This is to provide you with the best possible chance of changing your habits and behaviours. Any less than this isn't enough to get long term, meaningful results. Most clients end up working with me between 6 and 12 months because they understand this process takes time.


Do I need anything else for my journey? Yes it is useful to have the following: - A food scale. - Step tracker (FitBit or Apple Watch is great). - Bodyweight scale. - Measurement tape. - Gym membership (optional).

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